Fucking Color Picker

Any color, any pixel, any screen, any platform.


After many years of being an avid Mac user, I finally caved and built a sweet new gaming PC. To my horror, Windows had no analogue to macOS's wonderful DigitalColor Meter. I had become so used to just grabbing color values from any old pixel on the screen whenever I felt like it, but on Windows the best way I came up with was to take a screenshot, wait for Photoshop to open, then get the color value through the PS eyedropper tool. That took probably 30 seconds to get a single color, since Adobe software is somehow still dog slow on brand new hardware. So I wondered... why didn't Windows just have a fucking color picker?

But then I realized I didn't care, because Windows actually sucks. So I switched to Linux... and I STILL had a color picker because the one I made on Windows works on Linux too because I wrote it in Electron. Now Windows (and Linux and macOS) has a Fucking Color Picker too.